<aside> 🌍 While we’re hiring for a PM position, this page has been made public. 🙂


This RFC is a first step towards a career path for Product designers at Luminovo.

Why now?

The reason for writing this now is Alessio’s upcoming 360 review and my positive experience from recent 360 reviews for engineers based on a similar “first step towards a career path” that you can find here: Software engineering career paths - RFC #1.

Career paths?

Please read the Good career paths, bad career paths and What’s not in this RFC sections from the Engineering RFC to learn more about how I think about career paths and how this isn’t a real career path yet, but still (hopefully) a useful first step towards more clarity around what we expect of a product designer at Luminovo and help each designer identify areas in which they can grow.

On the scope

The scope of these dimensions is wide on purpose. This is to help give a picture where a designer could bring value to Luminovo within their role. No designer (not even Alessio) is doing all of these things at Luminovo right now and that’s perfectly OK. We also don’t have a single engineer that fulfills all bullet points of all dimensions in the engineering career path (and probably will never have anyone doing that).

On the grouping

We have few dimensions, but many bullet points with example behaviors for each dimension.

In a 360 review, we would put one rating (below, partially meets, meets, exceeds expectations) and one open feedback field below each dimension.

As someone giving feedback, you should focus on the most noteworthy areas for improvement or praise (start/stop/continue). This is to help avoid feedback fatigue and false precision that comes from forcing people to pull their own teeth to come up with feedback on every little aspect of a Luminerd’s performance (”Wir wollen kein Feedback aus der Nase ziehen” in German).

<aside> 👉 What do I want from you? Read through the dimensions below. Does this reflect your understanding what a good product designer should be doing at Luminovo? Is something unclear? Is something missing for you? And most importantly: would this help you guide feedback conversations about personal development and career trajectories that you have with your manager, directs and peers?